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HANGAR 12 Agency

  • 208 South Jefferson Street
  • Chicago, IL 60661

Company Description

Everything starts with the consumer. That’s our only rule.

At HANGAR 12, we’ve built our philosophy on putting the Consumer First™, creating a process that enables collaboration with your consumers throughout the creative process to ensure successful results for your brand.

HANGAR 12 specializes in the strategic development, promotion, and activation of consumer packaged goods like yours. We practice “adaptive marketing” tailoring the solution to the marketing challenge at hand. In store, online, or on the go – we want your brand to be wherever your consumers are.

Employing both agency talent and brand-side marketing experts, we craft brilliant solutions that engage consumers and grow brands. Focusing on digital, promotion, social and shopper marketing, we create brand experiences that move consumers to act.

It’s amazing what happens when you put the Consumer First.

We’re your partner who knows how to do it.



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